sorption capacity

Influence of Natural Clinoptilolite Modification with Ions and Zero-Valent Silver on Its Sorption Capacity

Areas of use of natural clinoptilolite were analyzed. The emphasis was placed on its application in water technology and medical practice. The results of the study of the dehydration of clinoptilolite at different temperatures were presented. The influence of the activation temperature of clinoptilolite on its sorption capacity for silver ions was determined. The effect of modification with ions and highly dispersed silver particles on the sorption capacity of various zeolite fractions with respect to water was investigated.

Іnfluence of acoustic radiation of ultrasonic range on modification of natural clinoptilolite by ions of argentums

It was found that under the action of acoustic vibrations of the ultrasonic (US) range, the rate of sorption of Argentum ions and the static capacity of clinoptilolite are much higher than for the original natural zeolite. Pre-activation of the zeolite at 350 °С allows to increase the content of Argentum ions.An increase in both the power of the US-radiation and the modification temperature makes it possible to increase the static capacity of the zeolite.It is shown that the process of modification of clinoptilolite occurs mainly in the transition region.

Сорбція іонів хрому із водних розчинів природним клиноптилолітом

The adsorption properties of Transcarpathian clinoptilolite regarding Cr (VI) ions is studied. It was found that the adsorption isotherm has s-like form and belongs to the isotherm of type II. It is established that the adsorption proceeds further after the formation of monomolecular adsorption layer. It leads to the cteation of dimolecular layer. Вивчено адсорбційні властивості закарпатського клиноптилоліту стосовно іонів  Cr (VI). З’ясовано, що ізотерма адсорбції має s-подібний вигляд і належить до ізотерми  ІІ типу.