pyrolysis liquid product

Activated Palygorskite and Activated Bentonite Clay as the Catalysts of the Process of Cooligomers Obtaining from Ethylene Productions Byproducts

The cooligomers production using С9 fraction of diesel fuel pyrolysis liquid products in the presence of silica-alumina acid type catalysts: activated palygorskite and activated bentonite clay has been investigated. Dependences between process conditions and cooligomer yield as well as between conditions and cooligomer properties have been studied. The relation between the catalysts properties and results obtained in their presence has been analyzed. The catalysts comparative analysis has been carried out.

Initiated by Organic Peroxides Cooligomerization of Unsaturated Hydrocarbons of C5 fraction – By-product of Ethylene Production

Initiated by organic peroxides cooligomerization of unsaturated compounds of C5 fraction has been studied. Such fraction is a by-product obtained at ethylene production via hydrocarbon raw material pyrolysis. The main regularities of the process have been established, the effect of main factors (temperature, reaction time, nature and concentration of the initiators) on the yield and physico-chemical characteristics of the obtained cooligomers has been examined. The effective initiator and optimal technological parameters of the cooligomerization process have been determined