Obtaining of coumarone-indene resins based on light fraction of coal tar 1. coumarone-indene resins with carboxy groups

Coumarone-indene resins (CIR) with carboxy groups were synthesized via cooligomerization of unsaturated compounds presented in light fraction of coal tar and its fraction boiling out within 423–463 K with the addition of such industrial monomers as styrene, maleic anhydride, glycidyl methacrylate and methacrylic acid. 2,2`-Azobis(2-methylpropionitrile) in the form of 0.2 M solution in toluene was used as an initiator. The effect of monomers nature, initiator amount, temperature and reaction time on the yield and characteristics of resulted CIR has been determined.

Cooligomerization of C9 Fraction Unsaturated Hydrocarbons Initiated by Organic Peroxides

The work deals with the cooligimerization of C9 fraction unsaturated hydrocarbons of pyrolysis liquid products (PLP) obtained during ethylene production from diesel fuel. The main regularities of coologomerization initiated by peroxides have been determined, the influence of the main factors (temperature, process time, initiators nature and concentration) on the yield and physico-chemical characteristics of the obtained cooligomers have been examined. The effective initiator of cooligomerization and optimal techno logical parameters of the process have been chosen.

Catalytic Cooligomerization of Styrene and Dicyclopentadiene: Yield and Properties Dependence on Reaction Mixture Composition

Cationic cooligomerization of styrene and dicyclopentadiene, being main polymerizable components of C9 fraction of liquid pyrolysis products of hydrocarbon feed, has been studied. Dependence of the cooligomer yield and properties including average molecular weight, softening point, bromine number, colour, and density on styrene/dicyclopentadiene ratio in the reaction mixture have been determined. Cooligomerization was carried out in solution using AlCl3 based liquid catalytic complex and silica-alumina acid type catalyst that made it possible to compare the catalysts.

Initiated by Organic Peroxides Cooligomerization of Unsaturated Hydrocarbons of C5 fraction – By-product of Ethylene Production

Initiated by organic peroxides cooligomerization of unsaturated compounds of C5 fraction has been studied. Such fraction is a by-product obtained at ethylene production via hydrocarbon raw material pyrolysis. The main regularities of the process have been established, the effect of main factors (temperature, reaction time, nature and concentration of the initiators) on the yield and physico-chemical characteristics of the obtained cooligomers has been examined. The effective initiator and optimal technological parameters of the cooligomerization process have been determined