Facility Management

Adaptive Radio Resources Management Considering Noiseimmunity Conditions

Operation of radio communication systems for special purposes (FSA SP) in practice is random in terms of various factors, some of which are codified in standards, and some — previously known. Specificity of modern shipyard JV determines the need to manage their operations in terms of parametric uncertainty as facility management and signaling uncertainty of external influences. So the challenge is the analysis and consideration of uncertainty arising from the operation of such a complex hierarchical system as the FSA SP.

The Model of Information Protection Management in Telecommunication Systems

It is proposed and studied the model of conflict interaction of objects and subjects of cyberspace based on the principles of construction discretionary access control models in information and telecommunication systems. The model can provide information security system in the form of Euclidean product of sets, which components are elements of information security. Cyberspace is defined as the Euclidean metric.

Adopting building information modeling for facility management

Building Information Modeling is the latest software technology being introduced throughout the AEC profession. A complete 3D digital representation of a building system or subsystems. This sophisticated technology is both a visually accurate model of a building and a database for recording the breadth of information developed and associated with building components. Beyond being a drawing and documentation tool.