The Model of Information Protection Management in Telecommunication Systems


V.V.Semko, V.L.Buryachok, S.V.Toliupa, P.N.Skladaniy

State University of  Telecommunications

It is proposed and studied the model of conflict interaction of objects and subjects of cyberspace based on the principles of construction discretionary access control models in information and telecommunication systems. The model can provide information security system in the form of Euclidean product of sets, which components are elements of information security. Cyberspace is defined as the Euclidean metric. Based on the proposed model of management of information security an approach that can solve the problem of conflict interaction of objects and subjects of information and telecommunication systems with the objects of cyberspace that can be initiated by any entity or object such space. To describe changes in the state system of protection offered to use language constructs that after the lexical and semantic analysis, can synthesize chain strategy solution to the conflict in the face of uncertainty, an open set of objects, subjects and arbitrary restrictions subspace cyberspace. The results allow to identify the main conceptual approaches to creation of intellectual functioning security management information and telecommunication systems.