compressed air

Study of Master Controller Structure for Multiple Air Compressor System

Compressed air is an important medium for energy transfer in industrial processes. It drives various actuators, which create a large force for significant movements and a high operation speed. Thereat, these mechanisms are quite small, and the design is simple and reliable. They are applicable in food and pharmaceutical technologies. Compressed air systems belong to the largest energy consumers at such enterprises. They consist of several compressors, and the drive of one of them is powered by a frequency converter in order to save electrical energy.

Selection of Functional Diagram of Air Multi-Compressor Control System

Compressed air generation systems are a necessary facility for most enterprises; they also belong to the most energy-consuming equipment category. Study of transients of these systems’ operation is a prerequisite for creating new, more efficient algorithms of multi-compressor control systems. The paper presents the results of development and research of the operation algorithms of multi-compressor control systems.

Optimization of Technological Parameters of Magazine Sensor for Nuts

The article deals with the general functioning of magazine for nuts, which provides the mechanized feeding of nuts into the head of the thread and screwed up device and their removal from the head during assembly and disassembly of threaded connections of machenes. The magazine is equipped with the signaling sensor of feed of nuts into the head, which contains the tore elastic ring. The sensor moves periodically together with the supplied nuts, due to their coverage on a hexagon by the internal deformed opening of the torus ring, when feeding the compressed air into it.