Bahatokryterialna optymizatsiia funktsionalno-oriientovanoho tekhnolohichnoho protsesu mekhanichnoho obroblennia zahartovanykh poverkh[Multi-objective optimization of functionally-oriented technological process of machining hardened surfaces of the molds]

The principles and example of multicriterion structural and parametric optimization of the functionally-oriented technological machining process of mold’s parts hardened surfaces are described in the article. The most essential criteria of optimization are wearproofness, fatigue strength, contact stiffness and corrosion resistance of production. methodology of researches and algorithm of optimization are shown in the article.

Perspectives of Method Atomic Force Microscopy for Research and State Physical and Mechanical Characteristics Precision Machinery Surface Products

This paper is the well-proven expediency of the use of method of atomic-force microscopy is at research of the state and superficial descriptions of surfaces of wares of precision engineer. Basic directions of researches of topogram, physics and mechanics descriptions of surfaces of wares of precision engineer and set limitations and defects are considered in using of its method for research of separate properties of surfaces of wares.