fatigue strength

The Influence of Design and Technological Factors on the Durability of the Installed Carbide Explosion Equipment of Three-cone Drill Bits

Aim. In the study learning trial was made to make a mathematical model of the assembling process in connections “tungsten carbide insert cutter – cone”, while the methods of mathematical statistics were applied. This makes it possible to determine the parameters of the distribution of the closing link. Accordingly, the tension is determined by samples of constituent links. For this purpose, the amount of tension was investigated.

Bahatokryterialna optymizatsiia funktsionalno-oriientovanoho tekhnolohichnoho protsesu mekhanichnoho obroblennia zahartovanykh poverkh[Multi-objective optimization of functionally-oriented technological process of machining hardened surfaces of the molds]

The principles and example of multicriterion structural and parametric optimization of the functionally-oriented technological machining process of mold’s parts hardened surfaces are described in the article. The most essential criteria of optimization are wearproofness, fatigue strength, contact stiffness and corrosion resistance of production. methodology of researches and algorithm of optimization are shown in the article.

The Limit of Endurance, as the Main Indicator of Operational Properties Details of Devices

This article presents an analysis of scientific research in the field of engineering support given values of detail’s endurance limit. Direct correlation between the modes of mechanical cutting, the quality of the surface layer and the endurance limit details were established. The urgency of creating science-based methods use the best mode of machining to ensure the required values of the detail’s endurance limit is shown. It has been developed a mathematical model of endurance limit, which depends on the mode processing and the characteristics of the material.