electrical network

The usage of capacitive distributors for measuring voltages of 6 (10) kV tire sections

One of the problems in the electrical network with isolated (compensated) neutral is the selective determination of the damaged element in a single-phase earth fault. For selective and reliable operation of protections against single-phase earth faults in networks with isolated (compensated) neutral, in addition to the zero-sequence current, information on phase voltages and zero-sequence voltage of the electrical network is required. Many transformer substations do not have traditional electromagnetic voltage transformers.

Modeling Circuit-breaker Ultra-high Voltage for Analysis Transients Processes in Electrical Engineering Systems of Energy Transfer

On the basis of a generalized interdisciplinary (interdisciplinary) method of mathema- tical modeling, which is based on modifications of the integral variational principle of Ha- milton-Ostrogradsky, proposed mathematical model of the ultra-high voltage circuit-breaker the main emphasis of which is placed on modeling work the mechanism of moving his contacts.

Influence of the mode of neutral of the electric system of 6 - 35 kv is at the level of internal overstrains

On the basis of computer simulation researched the influence of the grounding conditions of neutral of electrical network 35 kV on the level of arc, commutation, ferorezonansni overvoltage. Shown that the values of arc overvoltage and character development ferorezonans processes is significantly affected mode neutral grounding network. There were given schematic dependencies of arc overvoltage multiplicities which depend on the nature of combustion of grounding arc, grid configuration and the conditions of neutral grounding.

Choosing the optimal location of distribution substations (switchgear) in networks of power supply companies considering external power lines

It has been offered the algorithms determine the optimal location of distribution substations or switchgear for the electrical system , taking into account external power line. Optimality criterion selected discounted costs. It is shown that the optimal position location distribution substation (switching substation) is shifted from the centre of electrical loads in the direction of power.