weather station

Implementation of The Weather Station Software on A Microprocessor Platform Using .NET Technology

The article presents an implementation of the weather station software on a microprocessor platform using .NET technology. The system consists of a hardware module that collects weather data, a microprocessor platform that processes data, and a software application that visualizes and stores data. The software system is designed using the .NET platform, which provides an environment for software de- velopment. The system uses a web interface that allows users to access the weather from anywhere with a web browser.

Weather station for monitoring the microclimate in the room on Arduino platform

In this project was shown approaches to the implementation of a weather station for monitoring the microclimate in the room on Arduino platform. Considered a platform for project development and software environment. The virtual scheme of the weather station is modeled. The main functions of the components are described and their connection to the microcontroller is shown. The process of firmware of the microcontroller is considered. The algorithm of system operation is described. A functional electrical diagram were also constructed.

Застосування коефіцієнта географічної висоти для визначення вітрових навантажень у гірських районах Закарпатської області

The paper presents methods and results of computation of the geographical height to determine wind load Calt according to 9 weather stations Transcarpathian region. For DBN B.1.2-2: 2006 geographical factor is used to calculate the height of wind pressure when placing building project: at an altitude of 0.5 km it is 1, at an altitude of more than 0.5 km – given by Calt = 4H-1.