polyester composite

The Effect of Poly(vinyl chloride) Modifier and Filler Nature on Properties of Polyester Composites

The paper determines the influence of polymer modifier (poly(vinyl chloride)) and finely dispersed inorganic filler on the elastic-deformation and thermophysical properties of polyester materials. The research discovers the change of deformation modulus, elasticity modulus, high elasticity modulus, surface hardness, Vicat softening point, and technological shrinkage of modified polyester composites filled with calcium carbonate and aluminum oxide

Regularities of Obtaining, Morphology and Properties of Metal-Containing Polymer-Silicate Materials and Polyester Composites on their Basis

The effect of the kind, concentration and introduction method of polymeric modifiers (polyvinyl alcohol and polyvinylpyrrolidone), as well as the kind of metal chloride on the physico-chemical regularities of the obtaining process of modified metal-containing polymer-silicate materials, their morphology and properties has been examined. Using instrumental methods of investigations it was established that obtaining of metal-containing polymer-silicate materials was accompanied by intermolecular interactions between active silicate groups and functional groups of a polymeric modifier.