In micro- and nanotechnology, the demands placed on measurement technology are increasing. The structures to be measured are becoming more complex with smaller structure widths, increasingly larger surface regions, and thousands of inspection features. To solve the problems, it has become desirable and even necessary to combine multi-sensor technology with high precision nanopositioning and nano measuring technology.

Extending the application domain of the model order reduction method in calculating the electrostatic field

A problem of determining the electrostatic field formed by a set of charged electrodes has been considered.  The details of the approximate solving of the Dirichlet problem have been given for the Laplace's equation in a substantially spatial formulation based on the use of the model order reduction method.  The mathematical models have been improved and the problem of calculating the electrostatic field has been simplified, taking into account the present symmetry of electrodes positioning in electronic optics systems.  For the eighth-order abstract group, three independent structures of t

Nanoscale Effects in Temperature Induced Polymer Coatings

In this paper the results of recent studies on the application of lower critical solution temperature (LCST) phenomena of polymer solutions to the surface modification of flat and spherical substrates are reported. It has been found that controlled polymer deposition can be achieved at temperatures exceeding LCST. The obtained polymer coating exhibits a peculiar surface morphology and, if particles are introduced, can be highly effective in pigment dispersions stabilizing.

Influence of the Silicate Modifier Nature on the Structure and Properties of Polycaproamide

The influence of the nature and amount of the nanosized polyvinylpyrrolidone silicate modifier obtained as a result of the combined sol-gel transition on the supramolecular structure, as well as physical, mechanical and thermo-physical properties of polycaproamide has been determined. The modifier has proved to significantly increase the degree of crystallinity of polymer, and thus tensile strength at break, surface hardness and thermal resistance of a composite.

Advance in Nanocomposites Based on Hybrid Organo-Silicate Matrix

This paper presents some features and applications of sol-gel technology for production of organic mineral hybrid nanocomposites which might be affected. It defines some principles of synthesis and application of hybrid nanomaterials in various fields of technology, using specific examples.