Energy Aspect of Ukrainian-Russian Confict of the End of 20th and 21st centuries (Review Article)

The article deals with bilateral Russia and Ukraine power relations, urgent questions of their cooperation and form of realization of large Russia foreign economic projects. The separation of bilateral Ukrainian-Russian relations in the energy sector is quite conditional, the authors have studied. Because they are objectively inscribed in the relations of both countries with a third party – first of all, European countries as consumers of energy resources transported through the territory of Ukraine.

Migration processes: concept, essence, current state

The article deals with the concept, essence, modern state of migration processes. Based on international legal acts, the terminology used to determine migration and migration processes is analyzed. Characterizes the methodological principles of constructing a migration model based on the concepts and approaches that exist in the scientific literature, the peculiarities of migration processes, their connection with economic, social, demographic, cultural and legal factors, and the mutual relationship between immigration and emigration.

Reflection the Morphology Impact On the Characteristics of Electronic Devices

The article suggests methods for improving the quality of analysis of electronic devices. Using the electromagnetic field theory and the theory of electrical circuits within the system allowed to combine research and schematic structural and technological design of electronic systems and their components. To illustrate the proposed approach chosen amplifier circuit. The model reproduces the design features of the PCB in the form of electromagnetic design parameters.