Reflection the Morphology Impact On the Characteristics of Electronic Devices

: pp. 57 - 67
Odessa National Polytechnic University

The article suggests methods for improving the quality of analysis of electronic devices. Using the electromagnetic field theory and the theory of electrical circuits within the system allowed to combine research and schematic structural and technological design of electronic systems and their components. To illustrate the proposed approach chosen amplifier circuit. The model reproduces the design features of the PCB in the form of electromagnetic design parameters. Parameters of the model are analyzed under quasistationary approximation electromagnetic interferences between component connections conductor structures. Application of the principle of analogy between spherical and planar parallel field allowed to determine the flow of electric displacement field as scalar potential difference, that is, without the use of numerical integration on the surface of conductors between component connections, which greatly simplifies the computational complexity. The model establishes a relationship algorithmic designs PCB with the system: time; frequency; noiseimmunity circuit and other features of the design.​

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