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Kinetics Models of Lignin Isolation from Rice Husk Using Alkaline Hydrogen Peroxide

This study explained the kinetics and mechanisms for the delignification and extraction of lignin from rice husk with alkaline hydrogen peroxide in water. The results showed that both the delignification and extraction models can be used to describe the kinetics of lignin isolation. Based on the SSE (sum squared error) values from the non-linear regressions, the delignification model fitted the experimental data better than the extraction model. The values of the activation energy were determined for the mass transfer control model, the reaction control model, and the extraction model.

Obtaining of High Purity Amorphous Silicon Dioxide from Rice Husk

Using maximum extraction of carbon-containing components the content of amorphous silicon dioxide was increased in the rice husk solid residue. In accordance with the hypothesis about the mechanism of extracting carbon-containing components from rice husk by liquid extractants, proper extractants were selected. The effect of main technological factors including process temperature, time and concentration of the extractants was determined.