wireless sensor networks

Analytical Method of Research Changes in Signal Parameters in Wireless Sensor Networks

The geometric models of wireless sensor networks have been analysed, which were created in the virtual space to estimate the functioning of individual information nodes and the network as a whole. The analytical method of research changes in signal parameters using geometric models has been suggested, the four-simplex was used as basis during construction. The expediency use of the analytical method for the study of changes in signal strength information nodes has been proved.

Principles of constructing the cyberphysical systems of grain production control and management.

In this article the basic stages of an analytical study of control and management of production of cereals is made. The principles of constructing of cyber physical systems (CFS) in this area is created. The distribution of data and multi-core platform functions effectively monitor agricultural production of grain is done.

The Algorithm of Sensor Network Lifetime Maximization Using the Concept of Virtual Nodes

One of the main problems of the requirements of quality of service of wireless sensor networks is to provide fault tolerance. Based on research on energy nodes and routing data, efficiency is paramount to increase the lifetime of the network [1]. In this paper an algorithm of network lifetime maximization is proposed as a promising solution towards a distributed application deployment in wireless sensor networks. There are three cost functions: reading, processing and transmission information; the concept of virtual nodes, which are copies of real nodes.