Програмна апроксимація термометричних характеристик діодного сенсора температури в ОС Android

The method of calibrating diode temperature sensors, based on a combination of two generalized methods: spline interpolation and approximation using orthogonal Chebyshev polynomials. The program of implementation of the OS Android. The established requirements for calibration carried out to obtain the final result thermometric curve as accurately as possible. It automates the process of obtaining the interpolation table and optimize calibration procedure. The method for approximating the characteristics tested termodiod sensor type DT-471 company Lake Shore.

Injection front interpolation in real scale grouting models

It is checked numerically that the uncertainty in the final injection front position due to uncertainty in the choice of the method of the injection front interpolation on every time layer can be neglected in the estimation of the truncation error of the calculation of this position in the framework of the real scale grouting model. Results of numerical experiments indicate that the curvilinear grid this calculation is performed on has chaotic dispositions of its nodes in space on some time layers and that it does not give rise to significant final injection front position distortion.

Subpixel image processing in monitoring systems of visible wavelengths

This paper is devoted to considering of ways to improve the resolution, principles and methods of subpixel imaging technology, assessment of the development status and the latest research developments. Modern approaches to improving the spatial resolution as the main parameter of satellite images are based on algorithmic search and design solutions as the technology of manufacturing image sensors exhaust its potential for improvement. One of the major tasks of remote monitoring is to improve the quality of images, which is determined by parameters such as resolution.

Improving the Resolution of Multispectral Images by Subpixel Processing Method

The methods, their advantages and disadvantages, of fusion a low-resolution multispectral and panchromatic high-resolution image in high-resolution color image are considered. Is proposed a method to provide high-resolution, which is based on the use of sub-pixel processing, the essence of which is the handling of input data in the form of a CCD sensor arrays shifted by a half pixel with respect to each other.