Срібловмісні композити полівінілпіролідону з антибактеріальними властивостями

The polymerization of hydroxylapatite compositions of 2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate with polyvinylpyrrolidone in the presence of silver salts was researched, and it was found that silver salts retard the polymerization velocity. The composites as porous blocks, that containing in their structure silver nanoparticles, were synthesized and their antibacterial and antifunginal properties were confirmed.

Національний університет “Львівська політехніка”, кафедра хімічної технології переробки пластмас, 1Люблінська політехніка, Польща, 2Технічний університет Кошице, Словаччина

The regularities of receiving the silver nanoparticles by reaction of silver restoring from salts with polyvinylpyrrolidone without using the conventional restoring agents, including toxic substances, were researched. The influence of silver salt nature, medium, polyvinylpyrrolidone molecular weight on the size of nanoparticles was determined. Досліджено закономірності одержання наночастинок срібла реакцією відновлення його з солей полівінілпіролідоном без використання традиційних відновників, зокрема токсичних.

Вплив магнію гідросилікату на надмолекулярну структуру поліпропілену

The essential effect of the nature and the content of the fine-grained modified polyvinylpyrrolidone magnesium hydrosilicate on the degree of crystallinity and crystallite sizes of polypropylene was established. This effect is caused by the change in the structural formations at the phases interface and by the nature of intermolecular interactions. Fine-grained particles of the modified magnesium hydrosilicate act as the additional centers of crystallization within the polymer composite material. 

The Role of FeSO4 in the Obtaining of Polyvinylpirrolidone Copolymers

The proceeding of 2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate grafted polymerization on polyvinylpirrolidone has been examined in the presence of ferrum(II) sulfate. It was observed the formation of crosslinked copolymer capable to be used as a matrix for metal chemical reduction and for metal hydrogel composites obtaining. The effect of Fen+ structure and concentration on the structural parameters of the polymeric network, copolymers composition, efficiency and degree of grafting has been determined.