The Role of FeSO4 in the Obtaining of Polyvinylpirrolidone Copolymers
Received: November 27, 2014
Revised: January 15, 2015
Accepted: July 15, 2015
Oleh Suberlyak, Oleksandr Grytsenko and Victoria Kochubei

Lviv Polytechnic National University, 12, St. Bandery str., 79013 Lviv, Ukraine;

The proceeding of 2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate grafted polymerization on polyvinylpirrolidone has been examined in the presence of ferrum(II) sulfate. It was observed the formation of crosslinked copolymer capable to be used as a matrix for metal chemical reduction and for metal hydrogel composites obtaining. The effect of Fen+ structure and concentration on the structural parameters of the polymeric network, copolymers composition, efficiency and degree of grafting has been determined. The interaction between the structure of the synthesized copolymers and their thermal and physico-mechanical properties has been established.

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