Solid Solutions Formation Mechanism in Cordierite-Mullite Glass Materials During Ceramization

Relevance of the development of high-strength glass-ceramic coatings obtained by resource-saving technology for protective elements has been established. Structure formation mechanism in magnesium aluminosilicate glasses during heat treatment has been analyzed. Selection of the system was substantiated, model glasses and glass-ceramic materials on its base have been developed. Patterns of structure regularity and formation of the phase composition of glass-ceramic materials during their ceramization have been investigated.

Glass formation and properties of Glasses in MgO-BaO-B2O3 System

Glass formation in poorly boric field of MgO-BaO-B2O3 system (content of B2O3 ≤ 50 mol %) has been studied. Interconnection between the properties of glasses (density, heat expansion, softening temperature, specific volume resistance) and their chemical composition has been established.