Cyclohexane Oxidation in the Presence of Variable Valency Metals Che

Influence of individual catalysts – oligomeric chelate complexes of cobalt and copper in the cyclohexane oxidation process was investigated. The method of of metal-complex catalysts synthesis was shown. The influence of complex oligomers and their ligands on the parameters of the cyclohexane oxidation process was analyzed.

Influence of Organic Additives on Catalysts of Liquid-Phase Cyclohexane Oxidation

Research of the influence of oxygen and nitrogen containing organic additives to the catalyst on the main parameters of the process of cyclohexane oxidation have been conducted. A wide range of nitrogen and oxygen containing compounds and compounds based on polyglycols with varying molecular weight have been used as additives. The obtained results have been analyzed in view of the structural features of the studied additives and the probability of their interaction with the catalyst and intermediate products of oxidation with subsequent formation of intermediate complexes or associates.