oil basis

Використання залишкової базової оливи як основи мастильних рідин

Petroleum oils are the basis for the production of individual group of lubricating liquids used for mold lubrication while glass wares production. It was established that residual basic oil produced at JSC “Ukrtatnafta” has better lubricating properties and thermal stability compared with MS-20 and I-40 commercial oils. Therefore it is recommended to use it during lubricating liquids production. 

Physico-Chemical Characteristics and Thermal Stability of Oil Based Lubricating Fluids for Glassware Production

The investigation results about physico-chemical characteristics of I-40 and MS-20 commercial mineral oils are represented. It is shown that such oils may be the basis for the lubricating fluids used for press mold lubrication while glass containers production. Thermal stability of oils and their hydrocarbon fractions was studied. It was established that I-40 oil contains resins capable to form coke-like densification products while their burning. It is recommended to use MS-20 oil as the basis for lubricants.