polymer matrix

Influence of the Silicate Modifier Nature on the Structure and Properties of Polycaproamide

The influence of the nature and amount of the nanosized polyvinylpyrrolidone silicate modifier obtained as a result of the combined sol-gel transition on the supramolecular structure, as well as physical, mechanical and thermo-physical properties of polycaproamide has been determined. The modifier has proved to significantly increase the degree of crystallinity of polymer, and thus tensile strength at break, surface hardness and thermal resistance of a composite.

Production of Polymer Nanomembranes by Super Deep Penetration Method

A new super deep penetration (SDP) method of polymer nanomembranes production was developed. Its advantages as compared to nuclear methods were discussed. They are connected with simplicity and low price of SDP application. SDP method implies the use of explosion for track membranes forming. As a result, a plurality of holes are formed in polymer matrixes. Removal of the residual particles of water-soluble salt is done by washing the pierced membrane with water.