Photopolymerization of Poly(Hydroxyethyl Acrylate) (PHEA): Experimental Parameters-Viscoelastic Properties Relationship

The activity of the photoinitiator system, based on triethanolamine (TEOA) and methylene blue (MB), on the photopolymerization of hydroxyethyl acrylate (HEA) monomer under very soft irradiation conditions, was evaluated. A remarkable difference in the polymerization kinetics of a set of PHEA experiments was underlined according to TEOA/MB concentrations, as well as the solutions pH.

Adsorption Removal of Eriochrome Black T (EBT) and Rose Bengal (RB) from Aqueous Solutions Using Bio-Sorbents Combination

Adsorption of eriochrome black T (EBT) and rose bengal (RB) mixture from aqueous solutions was investigated using a mixture of low-cost biosorbents – 50 % of raw state potato peels and 50 % of raw state eggshell (M 50%). The surface charge distribution was determined by acid-base titration and the point of zero charge of the M 50% was found to be 8.5. The adsorbent materials were characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction. It was confirmed that M 50% was mainly composed of calcite and cellulose.

The Process of Wastewater Treatment with Advanced Oxidation Methods to Remove Dye

The research revealed that Fenton reagent is to be utilized to remove the dye (active bright orange CS/5K) from industrial sewage. Hypercube Hyperchem Professional v8.01 software (trial) was used to carry out the quantum-chemical calculation of colouring agent structure and heat energy. Based on the information from references and the received experimental data, the oxidation mechanism of colouring agent (active bright orange CS/5K) by photo-Fenton system has been introduced.