Створення нового технологічного процесу повного перероблення розчину стебницького хвостосховища у кондиційні продукти – натрію хлорид і бішофіт

In this article the new technological process of complete processing of solution Stebnik’s tailings on the basis a complex experimental researches, which involves the use of standard equipment, is developed. It enables to get two conditioned products (sodium chloride and bishofit) and potassium-magnesium fertilizer. The cyclic using of organic extractant in the process enables dramatically reduce material costs of processing tailings solution and provides ecological completeness of the process.

Селективне вилучення хлоридів з твердого напівпродукту перероблення розчинів хвостосховищ калійних виробництв прикарпаття

In this paper the possibility of obtaining almost non-chloride products with the help of the experimental studies of selective extraction of sodium and potassium chlorides from intermediate product of processing solutions tailings potash industries - sediment of potassium-magnesium salts with a high chloride content (over 25 %) using aqueous organic extractant (acetone, methanol, ethanol) was proved. It is shown that to achieve a high yield of product the extraction process should be carried out in 40% aqueous acetone.

Technological and Economic Estimation of Acid Dissolution of Langbeinite Concentrate with Processing the Obtained Solutions in the Fertilizer

The technological and economic evaluation of two processes of langbeinite concentrate processing in a conditioned fertilizer was carried out with using mineral acids (nitric and phosphatic acid) for its dissolution. The first process allows to obtain non-chloride fertilizer (potassium-magnesium), and the second one allows to obtain not only potassium-magnesium, but such complex nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer as diammophos.