oil refining


The development of new or intensification of already known deposits and the attraction of this additional source of hydrocarbons for recycling at Ukrainian refineries is a very actual topic today. In connection with this, Rozhniativ and Styniava deposits, which are located in Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv regions, respectively, have been overhauled. In this work, a detailed study of oils from these deposits was carried out to determine the variant of their processing.

Logistical aspects and prospects of oil and gas complex of Ukraine

The prospects of solving the problems of oil and gas sector under the conditions of market economy as well as the logistic approach to creating strategic reserves of petroleum and petroleum products have been examined. Suggestions for developing behavioral strategies of oil and gas companies, accelerating their development mainly due to logistic approach to the organization of oil and gas companies have been developed to prevent crises in the oil market.

Innovative Technological Scheme of Iraq Oils Refining

The article deals with the development of technological scheme for refining oils extracted in Iraq. Basic characteristics and physico-chemical properties of Iraq oils have been considered. The main stages of oil refining and processing have been described. Material balances of each processing stage have been calculated.