Дослідження процесу екстрагування магнію хлориду із суміші солей водними розчинами ізопропілового спирту з наступною кристалізацією кондиційного бішофіту

In this paper the experimental results of extraction magnesium chloride from solid intermediate product of processing of solution Stebnik's tailings with using 87.4...89.5 % aqueous solutions of isopropyl alcohol in the mass ratio between the solid and liquid phases 1:2.0...5.0 and the distillation of isopropyl alcohol with obtained solutions are presented. It is shown that the necessary conditions for obtaining of conditioned bischofite are the content in extractant 89.5 wt. % of isopropyl alcohol and the weight ratio between the solid and liquid phases that is equal 1:3,0...1:3.5.

Innovative Technological Scheme of Iraq Oils Refining

The article deals with the development of technological scheme for refining oils extracted in Iraq. Basic characteristics and physico-chemical properties of Iraq oils have been considered. The main stages of oil refining and processing have been described. Material balances of each processing stage have been calculated.