heat-and-mass transfer

The study of heat transfer and stress-strain state of a material, taking into account its fractal structure

In the work, on the basis of the apparatus of fractional integro-differentiation, the mathematical models of heat-and-moisture transfer and of deformation-relaxation processes in the medium with "memory" effects and self-organization are constructed.  Numerical implementation of the mathematical models of heat-transfer and moisture-transfer is based on the adaptation of the predictor-corrector method.  That is why the mathematical models obtained in this work are in a finite-difference form.  For the explicit difference scheme, the stability conditions are determined on the basis of the met

External Heat-and-Mass Transfer during Drying of Packed Birch Peeled Veneer

External heat-and-mass transfer during filtration drying of packed birch peeled veneer has been investigated. The dependence of heat-and-mass transfer coefficients on actual speed of heat agent filtration has been determined for dry and wet veneer sheets. The effect of heat agent temperature on the values of diffusive, heat and hydrodynamic boundary layers, and as a result, on heat-and-mass transfer intensity has been established by the experiments during filtration drying of packed veneer.