Кількісна та термодинамічна оцінка взаємодії йодиду гексадецилпіридинію і твіну-20 в змішаних водних розчинах і адсорбційних шарах

This article is devoted to the analysis within the framework of the theory of regular solutions interpartial interaction of hexadecylpyridinium iodide and Tween-20 in amolitude of the mixed aqueous solutions and at the interface phase solution – air. The structure is determined and values of the parameters of intermolecular interaction of surfactants and standard free energy Gibbs of mixed micellization and аdsorption layers are established.

Micellization and Adsolubilization of Amphilic Invertible Polyesters

Using surface tension measurements, solubilization, and fluorescence spectroscopy, polyesters based on aliphatic dicarboxylic acids and PEG-1000 have been shown to form monomolecular micelles in aqueous solutions at the concentrations of 10-7–10-4 %. With increasing concentration, the monomolecular micelles have been revealed to aggregate to afford polymolecular micelles. The amphiphilic polyesters have been demonstrated to possess invertibility and thus respond to the change in a medium polarity as well as adsorb at hydrophilic and hydrophobized dispersed silica surface.