Conception of quality management of city environment of city

The basic concepts of quality of city environment are considered, going near the management of quality of city environment, state of city environment for today, lacks of management,  raising of task of quality management of city environment. The system of aims  of quality management of city environment, choice of indexes of quality on the basis of this system and conceptual model of quality management, is offered.

On detection of gas accumulations in dense sandstones with mobile geophysical methods

Purpose. The results of the application of frequency-resonance technology of remote sensing (RS) data processing and interpretation and geoelectric methods of forming short-pulsed electromagnetic field (FSPEF) and vertical electric-resonance sounding (VERS) for gas accumulations searching in tight sandstones of Dnieper-Donetsk basin (DDB) are analyzed. Design/methodology/approach.

Estimation of hydrocarbon potential of the perspective structures in Barents sea

Purpose. The results of the hydrocarbon (HC) potential assessment of some structures and fields in Barents Sea by the frequency resonance method of the remote sensing (RS) data processing and interpretation are discussed. Design/methodology/approach. Experiments were carried out with the mobile technology of frequency-resonance processing and interpretation of remote sensing data using, which is the "direct" method of mineral deposits exploration and operates within the "substantial" paradigm of geophysical investigations.

Practice in informal functioning of the institution executive and ways of overcoming

In the article violated the theoretical issues of differentiation and positive shadow of informal practices in the activities of the executive. Analyzes the legal regulation of the sphere of preventing shadow of informal practices, identifies ways to minimize the negative impact of informal practices in the sphere of shadow government.

Aspects of assessment and developing of geothermal resources in Ukraine

The article deals with scientific and industrial aspects of the development of geothermal resources in Ukraine. Geological, technical, technological, social and economic aspects were analyzed that can provide a general assessment of the commercial development of geothermal energy. Formulated scientific and technical tasks of efficiently use geothermal power plants (HTEU) type “tube in tube” that will use data HTEU all active geothermal areas of Ukraine with full environmental safety.

Methods of Dithiodimorpholine Production

The results of N,N’-dithiodimorpholine (DTDM) production technology refinement including the sulphur monochloride obtaining, product paste washing and its treatment by polyglycols with the aim of dust formation decrease are presented. Using the optimization method the optimum conditions of DTDM production have been determined. The obtained DTDM of high quality has a high yield.