phase composition

Дослідження сухих будівельних сумішей для промислових підлог

In this paper prescriptions of dry building mixes for industrial floors were developed. Main indicators for such material are enough spreadability of fresh mixture during certain period of time, needed for its enclosing, high early strength, minimal deformation of hardened material. Technology of industrial floors construction in buildings with high loading is showed. Investigation of quartz sand with different granulometry on physical and mechanical properties of dry building mix for industrial floors is conducted.

The Study of Ceramic Pigments of Spinel Type with the Use of Slag of Aluminothermal Production of Ferrotitanium

The article deals with the results of theoretical and experimental research on the production of ceramic pigments of blue color with the structure of spinel on the basis of slag of aluminothermal production of ferrotitanium. The sequence of the physical and chemical processes that determine the formation of the set of crystalline phases under drossy pigments burning was established. The influence of the concentration of cobalt oxide and the temperature of researched pigments firing on their optical-color characteristics was studied.