Theoretical foundations of organizational and legal mechanisms of public management in Ukraine

The article analyzes theoretical bases of the research of organizational and legal mechanisms of public management in Ukraine, shows the importance of proper theoretical study of their nature, components, interconnections and interdependence. There were investigated two approaches to the interpretation of the concept of “mechanisms of management”, which can be described as structural-organizational and structural-functional.

Synthesis and Characterization of Oligoisoprene obtained in Allyl Alcohol Solution in the Presence of Hydrogen Peroxide

The cooligomers of isoprene and allyl alcohol under the action of hydrogen peroxide have been synthesized. Using a solvent of variable composition isopropyl alcohol–allyl alcohol showed that the cooligomer yield doesn’t depend on a ratio of solvent composition. Polymerization of allyl alcohol itself doesn’t take place. The determination of molar weights and hydroxyl group contents in the cooligomers obtained in both alcohols showed that the cooligomer obtained in the allyl alcohol has an increased functionality 3.5 against 2 in single isopropyl alcohols