Researching the influence of the mass distribution inhomogeneity of the ellipsoidal planet’s interior on its stokes constants

Purpose. Parameters of Earth’s gravitational field ( ) are determinated by its figure and internal filling (mass distribution) that have a different influence on their formation. Using a well-known representation of the planet masses distribution functions in the biorthogonal series form it is necessary to establish the Stokes constants  presentation through the planet potential expansion coefficients  and liner combinations of ellipsoid geometric parameters.

Decomposition of the gravitational field of the triaxial ellipsoidal planet using a class of nonorthogonal harmonic functions

In this work is presented a potential of triaxial ellipsoid this help of converging rows. The koeficients which are determined integral descriptions of distributing function density of planet. This approach gives a possibility in a complex to study distributing of the masses of planet, its figure and its external gravity field.


Elaboration of equipotential surfaces of planets using biorthogonal expansions

Purpose. Using known and fixed Earth potential, presented asthe biorthogonal expansion, to culculate the geoid surface, which describes the actual shape of the planet. The external gravitational field is generally described by the series of spherical functions. Since the geoid is determined with the help of such functions,  a question arises converning the identity to define the shape, moreover its several points does not belong to the region of convergence. Methodology and results.