digital surface model

Optimizing grid spacing for DEM construction in determining the surface volume of the Antarctic coast island glaciers

Aim. Glaciological, geodetic and photogrammetric methods can be distinguished between methods of obtaining data for observations of glaciers. Photogrammetric method refers to the remote sensing methods, so its application for the study of these objects is definitely more reasonable. This is primarily conditioned by the fact that there is no need to work on the body of the glacier, which is very dangerous. In addition, the accuracy of the glaciers volume is satisfies of the glaciologist requirements by this method.

Method for determining the volume Lviv solid waste landfill by using archival mapping materials and UAV Trimble UX-5

Purpose. Lviv landfill has some features that should be considered when developing the methodology for determining the volume. The initial relief of severe fragmentation and a height difference of more than 70 meters make it is impossible to set the original horizontal plane for determining the volume. The slope of current garbage body surface ranges from 0 to 85 degrees and a vertical drop is more than 80 m. This leads to significant relief errors in carry out for aerialphotography.