About variety of informationand and their use in proceedings in cases of administrative offenses

The question of media types and their use in proceedings in cases of administrative offenses. The problems of application in Ukraine varieties of media in proceedings in cases of administrative offenses. The ways of solving them.

Tracking prevention system in combating crime

In the article elucidated the place and role of operational prevention system in combating
crime in Ukraine. The concept of operational prevention, revealed the content of its specific
features. The ways more active use of the operational application of preventative measures that do
not require authorization. The expediency of the system for combating crime in the direction of
strengthening the role of operational prevention in terms of democratization of social relations.

State information policy in ukraine information activities of government

In the article the issue of formation of state information policy of Ukraine in the field of
information of public authorities, which will create a new level of speed and convenience of
citizens and organizations to obtain government services and information on the performance
of public authorities

Relationship of competitiveness of entrepreneurship and internet-marketing

In the presented article the authors analyze the current state of the formation of the information economy in Ukraine, make grounded conclusions regarding the submitted questions. Also, the authors identify the relationship of information space with the appearance of new communication tools in marketing. Internet marketing now is the such kind of communication tool. Internet Marketing is primarily providing consumers with an opportunity to receive information about products. Any potential customer can use the Internet to get information about the product and buy it.

Модель процесу передавання управлінської інформації в соціально-економічних мережах

The paper develops a model for the description of management information on the social-economic network. It is proved that within the model such networks can be described as a one-dimensional chain, wherein the active agents are at the same distance from each other (strongly connected network) or a combination of one-dimensional chains (weakly-bound network).

Системні та інформаційні динамічні компоненти і логіко-когнітивні моделі темпоральної дійсності при прийнятті оперативних рішень

It is analyzed and shown that the cognitive structure of the individual incorporates immanent temporal layer and owing to it a person is capable of constructive orientation in the temporal space when making active decisions in dangerous conditions.

Термінальні та ситуаційні проблемні задачі інформаційного забезпечення опрацювання даних оператором від інформаційно-вимірювальних систем для АСУ-ТП складними об’єктами

This paper is devoted to the methods of constructing scale devices for information systems necessary for constructive data classification and decision-making process SCADA operator depending on the cognitive characteristics.

Case on the dissemination of information on the internet: contradictions judicial practice

The relevant jurisprudence European Court of Human Rights, European Court of Justice and domestic courts on the dissemination of information on the Internet is analyzed in the article. Certain differences in approach of the courts to resolve disputes of this category is noted. It is emphasized that the position of the higher courts about the possibility of liability of
the owner for the site posted comments on it generally meets the legal position of the European Court of Human Rights.

Freedom of expression as a subjective legal right (general theoretical analysis)

General theoretical provisions on the freedom of expression as a subjective legal right are analyzed. Besides, the notion of freedom of expression is defined as a subjective legal right. Elements of freedom of expression are revealed. Certain proposals as to the improvement of national legislation on freedom of expression are introduced.

Forming a single information space in state institutions Ukraine

The article deals with the formation of a common information space in the work of the Ukraine. Analyzes regulations that regulate the legal relationship in information technology, information systems, information and telecommunication systems and networks, information, personal data, electronic documents, electronic signature, e-government, information security, information security in information and telecommunication systems.