Relationship of competitiveness of entrepreneurship and internet-marketing


Naumik-Gladka К., Ptashchenko O.

Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics

In the presented article the authors analyze the current state of the formation of the information economy in Ukraine, make grounded conclusions regarding the submitted questions. Also, the authors identify the relationship of information space with the appearance of new communication tools in marketing. Internet marketing now is the such kind of communication tool. Internet Marketing is primarily providing consumers with an opportunity to receive information about products. Any potential customer can use the Internet to get information about the product and buy it. However, if there is no information about a product, or he did not find it, then most likely he will buy another product from a competitor. The usage of internet marketing methods is aimed at saving money (on sales staff salary and advertising), as well as the expansion of the company (the transition from the local market at the national and international market). The usage of new marketing tools of Internet marketing will provide an opportunity to improve the efficiency of doing business on the Internet, that is to reduce production costs, to make more effective marketing research, to automate the process of sale and purchase and informing the customers, to conduct market analysis, to increase process communication link between buyers and sellers.

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