accuracy of the coordinates

Investigation of accuracy of the coordinates by GNSS RTK mode

The accuracy of determining the coordinates of points by S82T SOUTH GNSS receiver in RTK method is investigated. Work was carried on educational and scientific geodesic polygon of NU LP. Spatial coordinates, normal height and distance between points are determined and compared with the same data obtained by static method, leveling and measurements of distances by dashed dimensional devices.


On the use of the set of geodetic networks for the surveying of land boundaries

Aim. Development of land use on land allocation in settlements of Ukraine is the most common and popular types of work on land management. For quality of their performance in the design of the boundaries of land in urban areas to date need to use the actual topographical plans scale 1:500. To perform tacheometric removal and installation of the geodesic (renewal) boundaries of land created by film basis. Thus, the interval between the two types of minor works. Also, this work may be performed simultaneously if land allocation performed by the actual placing of buildings, fences and more.