Regional quasigeoid solutions for the Ukraine area

The goal. The UQG2012 regional quasigeoid solution of an accuracy better than 4 cm with respect to the GPS-levelling data of the 1st and 2nd order was constructed by means of the least squares collocation method. In the first iteration the gravimetry-only quasigeoid UQG2011 was developed from the gravity anomalies for the subsequent detection of gross errors in GPS-leveling data. All terrain reductions were based on the 3x3 digital terrain model SRTM3. Scientific significance.

Key stages of preparation of the initial data for the construction of the sea topographic surface

Research of heights of surface of the Black sea with the use of information of satellite altimetri was done. The model of heights of the Black sea is built. Got results it was by comparison to the heights of European kvazigeoid.


Determination of the geoid – gravity field and topography of the Black sea according to the satellite altimetry data

Objectives. The method of satellite altimetry as a relatively new approach to precise satellite surveying, which provides the different Earth sciences by a most complete information about the state of the ocean and its changes over time. In particular this method uses in scientific researches of geodesy, oceanography and climatology. The models of ocean dynamic topography are based on the altimetry data also. Methodology.