Regional quasigeoid solutions for the Ukraine area

: pp. 7 - 14
Received: February 20, 2016
Department of Geodesy, Institute of Geodesy, Lviv Polytechnic National University
Research Institute of Geodesy and Cartography
Lviv Polytechnic National University; Carpathian branch of S. I. Subbotin name Institute of geophysics of NAS of Ukraine

The goal. The UQG2012 regional quasigeoid solution of an accuracy better than 4 cm with respect to the GPS-levelling data of the 1st and 2nd order was constructed by means of the least squares collocation method. In the first iteration the gravimetry-only quasigeoid UQG2011 was developed from the gravity anomalies for the subsequent detection of gross errors in GPS-leveling data. All terrain reductions were based on the 3x3 digital terrain model SRTM3. Scientific significance. Thus, the final UQG2012 solution consists of gravity anomalies and quasigeoid heights at the points of a 23 grid evaluated by means of the collocation method applied to the set of 4070 GPS-leveling quasigeoid heights plus the above mentioned gravimetry data. After first iteration, the comparison of the UQG2012 solution with all independent GPS-leveling data (1st – 4th order networks given in the Baltic height system) shows a good agreement with rms < 4 cm. This noise level corresponds to an estimated accuracy of the quasigeoid UQG2012 for the Ukraine and Moldova area higher than 4–5 cm with respect to GPS-leveling points of different orders. The evaluation of the UQG2012 solution with independent GPS-leveling data of the 1st and 2nd orders gives a significantly better agreement with rms of about 1.5 cm. Finally, the comparison with the European quasigeoid EGG08 leads to differences of about 20-50 cm (with rms level about 10 cm) in certain areas and to the total mean shift of 25 cm caused by the different height systems used. 

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