state land cadastre

Determining of permissible values of area land plots mean square errors outside settlements

Was made an analysis of standard acts that are regulating the realization of geodetic measurements for national landscape cadastre purposes. The research have touched upon the influence of quadratic mean mistakes of boundary-marks coordinates determination on quadratic mean mistake of determination of land parcels areas outside the boundaries of settlements.

Analysis and evaluation of current state of settlements state land cadastre (on the example of Lviv region)

Providing of various necessities of subjects of the landed relations in settlements requires the proper legal mode of adjusting of the landed relations, especially in the period of their reformation and introduction of different patterns of ownership on earth. Today a normatively-legal base is intensively formed in relation to development of estimation of earths of the landed cadastre and actually market of earths.


Actuality and methodical bases of research of ravines and formation of their cadastre

The authors describes the methodological basis of research ravine in Ukraine. The idea of creating
a cadastral system “Ravines of Ukraine” is justified. The gullies cadastre will complement
the state geoinformation system data of land resources. Also complement a national
geospatial data infrastructure.