land use

Formation of a multi-purpose cadastre at the regional level

It has been proven that the transformational processes taking place in Ukraine are related to the deepening of crisis phenomena in the economic sphere, the slowdown of the main indicators of regional development, the impact of the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, and military operations. In such conditions, it is necessary to rethink approaches to ensure the efficiency of the functioning of regions by improving the system of land resources management, as the main factors of their development.

Formation of mechanisms for state regulation of land relations in Ukrainian state

On the basis of the specified subject, purpose and methods, the formation process of mechanisms for state regulation of land relations is analyzed. According to the methodology of research, the analysis is made and the components of the influence of the environment on land relations in Ukraine are identified. The essence of the transformation processes taking place in the sphere of state policy of Ukraine aimed at forming a perfect pattern of land relations is defined.

Modern ecological, economic, regulatory and legal issues of use and protection of land in Ukraine

The modern state of the use and guard of earths of Ukraine is analysed in the article, ecological and economic, social problems, and also normatively-legal aspects of land-tenure, are lighted up. Conclusions, providing more rational and effective use and guard of earths in the state, are pointed.

Current state of agricultural land use in Chernivtsi region

In the article the state of the use of the land resources of the Chernivtsi area of feature of agricultural land-tenure is analysed in the cut of administrative districts. The features of structural distribution of the agricultural landed lands are investigational. The level of provision of population agricultural lands is expected, in particular, by croplands. The ways of improvement of the use of the landed resources offer.