Client-Server Library Index Automation System

The goal of the work is to develop a client-server software system for library index automation, which consists of the user interface, presented as a web page, back-end server layer, and database. The problem of developing a library index automation system has been considered. The developed structure of the library index automation system has been presented. The structure of the library index automation system database has been proposed. The features of designing the user interface of the library index automation system have been considered.

Features of Development and Analysis of REST Systems

The paper analyzes and presents the architecture of REST systems construction. What is the REST API and why it should be used? It describes the basic principles for what the system could be called Restful. Examples of REST-like systems, their comparison, advantages, and disadvantages of REST, and why this particular architecture was chosen, have been given. It aims at which technologies can be used for the REST system, etc.


In modern conditions of society development, increasing degree and pace of integration of information technology achievements in the field of human life, traditional approaches to building information systems become too cumbersome or cease to be effective. One of the ways to solve this problem is to develop knowledge-based systems. The work is devoted to ontological modeling of a new subject area "travel organization". The ontology is considered in the context of knowledge exchange. The created travel ontology is quite modern and relevant today.

Software System for Monitoring the Situation in the Settlement

The goal of the work is to develop the software system of monitoring of a situation in the settlement. It consists of the user interface which is presented as a mobile application and the server. This paper describes the process of developing a client-server software system in stages using the latest technologies which will be relevant and easy to maintain in the future.


This article reveals the problems of creating a monitoring system to assess the ecological state of the environment of the selected area. An information model of the system has been developed, which takes into account the parameters of air, surface water, and soil pollution. The main components of the system, including the logical model of the database, have been designed and implemented. To assess the state of the environment according to the selected pollution parameters, the fuzzy logic model is constructed.

Increase the Speed of Web Applications

​The article presents a method of creating a web application based on SPA technology (one-page web application), as a method of increasing the speed of web applications based on the use of modern frameworks, tools and tools for developing client and server part of a one-page web application. One- page web applications are web application technologies that consist of a single web page that interacts with the user, dynamically generating the current page rather than downloading entire new pages from the server.

Gis technologies products for increasing the tourist attractiveness of the destination (on the example of the Chernigiv region)

Analyzing GIS technologies` products for strengthening the tourist attractiveness of the destination and research of possibilities of GIS-technologies at the formation of a tourist product is the purpose of this work. The relevance of this study lies in the need to apply innovative approaches to GIS technologies` usages in the development of national tourism products. The research methodology is based on the application of the statistical method of data processing, the cartographic method of research with the use of GIS, and the method of spatial analysis.

Design and Implementation of an Information System for Self-Control of Bronchial Asthma by Patients

The aim of this article is to develop information system for people with bronchial asthma. The main function of the information system described in the article is enabling self- control of bronchial asthma by patients. By controlling asthma correctly, patients can reduce the symptoms of asthma. The most important task solved before the information system design was a selection of the asthma parameters which can be monitored and implemented in it. The information system consists of two main elements: a database and an application.

Establishment of a Facing Recognition System for Video Observation

In the article were researched the principles of building systems for observation and recognition of objects. Also we have given the classification of human faces recognition methods. Authors have analized the features of operetion for the progressive calibration network (PCN) for human face recognition. And finally has been created and tested the developed face recognition algorithm as the realized software system.