«Gründrisse Einer Öekonometrie» – Econometric Accounting Theory Developed in Galicia at the Border of the Xix – Xx Centuries

The content and subject orientation of accounting (balance) econometric theory are revealed, the level of substantiation of its use of macroeconomic approaches and mathematical apparatus as auxiliary means for increasing the reliability of quantitative measurement (quantification) of property and capital actually existing at a separate enterprise is assessed. The parameters and conceptual and methodological orientation of this development, presented by a new system of measuring values in the economy on the basis of accounting information, are studied.

The person of the criminal as an element of criminal characteristics of illegal privatization of state and municipal property

The article is devoted to the analysis of the issue of the identity of the criminal as an integral element of the forensic characterization of illegal privatization of state and collective property, the responsibility for which is provided by Art. 233 of the Criminal code of Ukraine. The opinion is substantiated that in order to build an effective forensic characterization, only those elements should be singled out that have a clear orientation and search orientation and can contribute to the determination of further directions of investigation.

Economic and legal principles of protection of property rights in the areas of conducting united forces operation

The article is devoted to the economic and legal principles of protection of property
rights in areas of operation of the united forces in Ukraine. Particular attention is focused
on modern economic and legal challenges and threats, factors of anthropogenic influence
on the sphere of property and ways of their overcoming. The article clarifies the problems
of implementation of economic and legal measures to guarantee the citizens of Ukraine the
right to own, use and dispose of property, factors of creating an effective economic and

Essence and types of crimes against ownership in Kievan Rus

The article analyzes the essence and types of crimes against property in Kievan Rus. The
legal nature and the essence of «tatiba» are determined. Characterized by the features of theft
and robbery as independent crimes against property. Particular attention is paid to the study
of other types of crimes against property in Russkaya Pravda.

The Sulfonation of 3,5,7,3’,4’-Pentahydroxyflavone and Non-Linear-Optical Activity of its Sulfonic Derivatives

Synthesis of sulfoquercetin and studies of its structure and nonlinear properties have been carried out. Using quantum-chemical simulations, 13С and HSQC NMR spectrometry, FTIR spectroscopy it was shown that a sulphonic group occurs in C8 location of quercetin. Molecular first hyperpolarizability of the obtained 8-sulfoquercetin was studied. It was shown that 8-sulfoquercetin can be used for creation the new polymer NLO materials on its basis.

The essential characteristics of non-current assets of the company

The modern environment of functioning of domestic enterprises is characterized. The listed main factors that occur in the dynamic and changing external environment of the operation of the enterprise in the present. The main parameters for success, as well as stability in financial, investment and production-economic activity are outlined. It is proved that the non-current assets of modern companies play a key role in the stabilization processes.

Mental criteria for classification positive law

In the article made theoretical analysis and comparative characteristics of the concepts of mentality, legal mentality.
An attempt was made of determining criteria by which classified the mentality of positive law of states, nations, nationalities using the following categories of theory and philosophy of law as “system of law,” “legal system” and “Family Law."

Features valuation of forest sand forest resources

Taking into multyaimed purpose character of utilization forest earths in article the examination particularities of value of forest earth resorses is examed and forest resorses connected with this with the usage of the common principles of value of the cost of earth area implemented into account features of forest earths is offered.