Laplace equation

Solving the Cauchy problem for an elliptic equation using Bat Algorithm

This paper presents a method for solving a class of inverse problems for elliptic equations known as the data completion problem.  The goal is to recover missing data on the inaccessible part of the boundary using measurements from the accessible part.  The inherent difficulty of this problem arises from its ill-posed nature, as it is susceptible to variations in the input data.  To address this challenge, the proposed approach integrates Tikhonov regularization to enhance the stability of the problem.  To solve this problem, we use a metaheuristic approach, specificall

Decomposition of the gravitational field of the triaxial ellipsoidal planet using a class of nonorthogonal harmonic functions

In this work is presented a potential of triaxial ellipsoid this help of converging rows. The koeficients which are determined integral descriptions of distributing function density of planet. This approach gives a possibility in a complex to study distributing of the masses of planet, its figure and its external gravity field.