Typical Language Mistakes on the Ukrainian TV Channels

Look at today’s television guide and watch some of today’s programs. Identify any examples of the segmentation of programming you encounter. Relate notions of vertical and horizontal programming and segmentation to people’s daily routines and think about how this informs and affects the program choices they make.

Jurisprudence in the context of scientific theories of the present

The pressing questions of methodology of cognition of scientific theories are considered. The scientific theories of modern jurisprudence, their structure are investigated. Development of jurisprudental theories is grounded in the general structure of scientific theories. Pay attention to the organization of law as a science. The problem of cost freedom of science, that us will interest different character and touch, is considered. It be comes firmly established that every science uses the tool of logic.

Алгоритми і програмні засоби виконання арифметичних операцій над числами у форматі часу мікроконтролера сімейства AVR

The method of implementation of operations of addition and subtraction of numbers, presented in the time-format is considered. The algorithm and the program are developed by the С-language for microcontrollers of AVR family.

Automation of parameters determination proces of ski slopes relief

For the specified ski courses relief research the algorithm and then the program ‘Course Calculation’ were developed. On the basis of the two-dimensional terrain image it is possible to design the arbitrary amount of ski courses profiles variants. The basic parameters

of the ski course relief are determined and also compared to the normative values