quasigeoid heights

Regional quasigeoid determination: an application to Arctic gravity project

Purpose. Investigation to study quasigeoid computations based on the regional gravimetric data and different types of nonorthogonal basis functions was assessed to be important. When measurements from only restricted regions of the Earth surface are available, global spherical harmonics loose their orthogonality in a limited region, so the determination of the coefficients of the model, usually by using the least squares method, is numerically unstable.

The place of geodesy and gravimetry in the complex Earth sciences

The aim of this article is the role and place of geodesy and gravimetry in the complex Earth Sciences and making recommendations for their using in various fields of knowledge of science. Problem and its relation with important scientific and practical tasks. In the article we consider some issues of the current state and prospects of geodesy and gravimetry. So modern geodesy – natural branch, which includes several areas: geodesy and topography, applied engineering or surveying, marine surveying, space geodesy, higher geodesy and physical geodesy and others.