Lithological complexes and ciclycyty of eocene deposits in Karkinite-Northern Crimea sedimentary-rock basin

Purpose. A primary purpose hired is research of lithologic features of sedimentary complex of Eocene age of the Karkinite-Northern Crimea sedimentary-rock basin. Methodology. Methodology includes lithology-facial, litmologic and sediment-cyclists analyses. Results. As a result of undertaken complex studies the regional lithofacial zonality of the Eocene deposits of the Karkinite-Northern Crimea sedimentary-rock basin is set. It is set that formations of carbonate lithofacies prevail in east and south-east, terrigenous - in western and north-western parts of region.

The lithofacies zonality and lithmological structure of Eifelian deposits of Dobrudja Foredeep

Purpose. The main purpose of this work is studying of lithology features of sedimentary complex of Eifelian age within Biloliskyi block of Dobrudja Foredeep. Methods. Methods include lithofacial, lithmological and mineralogy-petrographical analyses. Results. Lithology structure of sections of Eifelian deposits has been determined. It is presented with variable interlayering of sulphate (anhydrites), carbonate (limestones, dolomites, and marlstones) and terrigenous (sandstones, siltstones, argillites) rocks.