Characteristics of cretaceous-paleogene flysch reservoir rocks with low permeability from the oil-and gas-field in Dolyna, inner zone of the Carpathian foredeep

The results of asymmetric histograms of open porosity and absolute permeability with low reservoir, as well as residual of oil deposits of category A+B+C, the oil recovery factor for send rocks of Cretaceous-Paleogene flysch of Dolyna oil and gas region of the Inner Zone of Carpathian foredeep are presented.

Sedimentogenesis of Early Maykop (Lower Oligocene) deposits in the Azov-Black Sea region

Purpose. Research of lithological features of the sedimentary complex of Early Oligocene within Azov-Black Sea Region and reconstruction of its sedimentary conditions. Method. The method includes lithologo-facial, mineralo-petrographic, lithmological, electrofacial and sedimento-paleooceanographycal analyses. Results. It is established, lithological structure of section and lithologo-facial zonality of the Lower Oligocene (Lower Maykop) of Karkinite-North Crimean and Indolo-Kubanian depressions.