Western Volyn

Peculiarities of the distribution of thickness and paleo-surfase relief of basalts of Luchychi strata (Western Volyn)

Purpose. The main purpose of this paper is to investigate the peculiarities of the spatial distribution of thickness and paleorelief of continental flood basalts of Luchychi stratum of Ratne suite of the Ediacaran of the Ratne–Kamin-Kashyrskyi Area in Western Volyn using maps of the thickness and relief of the paleosurface. The study also focuses on correlation between the specified parameters of the stratum and the spatial change of concentrations of native mineralization and its localization relative to the roof (sole) of the stratum. Method.

Petrochemical features of the volcanic trappean formation of areas of junction of the volyn paleozoic uplift with the Volyn-Podillya monocline

Goal. Research petrochemical features of volcanites as a precondition for establishing the causes of the localization industry copper-ore mineralization in certain areas strata and suites trappean formation of Western Volyn. Method.