frequency response

Ransfer Function Synthesis From the Known Frequency Response

The calculation of the coefficients of linear system transfer function with the lumped constant parameters which corresponds to the preset frequency response is present.

Calculation of the transfer function on a given frequency response is the optimization problem. Direct solution has multiextremal nonlinear optimization.

Hilbert transform is applied to calculate the minimum-phase phase response. Therefore, the optimization problem of calculating the coefficients of the transfer function has complex goal function with some restrictions.

Modeling stress-strain state bases of engineering constructions for evaluation of seismic hazard

Purpose. The aim of this work was to evaluate changes in the transfer characteristics of the seismic environment with additional loading of massive engineering structures. This analysis will help to more accurately assess the characteristics of sedimentary layer in the study of the transfer characteristics of environment under the engineering structures already at the design stage of construction. Methodology. Frequency characteristic of environment was obtained by solving the direct dynamic seismic problem.